Friday Catblogging: Cheetahs’ ears

Animal ears may not get as much attention as cool eyes or weird noses, but the glorious cheetah owes its running prowess in part to its inner ear. The cheetah is, famously, the fastest land animal; it can run up to 65 miles per hour. During these sprints, its muscles are straining hard, but its […]

Friday Catblogging: Real Cats React to Video Game Cats

????????1??????????????? — ?????? (@kanata_610) January 26, 2018 There are lots of things in Monster Hunter: World for humans to like. But what are cats into? Meowing, that’s what. Cat owners are seeing what their feline friends do when Monster Hunter’s Felyne characters get vocal. Via Real Cats React To Monster Hunter: World‘s Meowing.

Friday Catblogging: About that study of feline & canine brains…

Embed from Getty ImagesOne may have read news accounts that contend of a recent study of cats’ and dogs’ neurons suggests dogs are more intelligent. News headline may suggest that, but in fact, the actual study doesn’t draw that conclusion for the results: Dog people are gloating this week amid widespread reports that a recent study found dogs to be “smarter” than […]