Monday in Chicago

Two children sit on their fathers shoulders at O’Hare Airport, protesting the #immigrationban. Story and photos: — Chicago Trib Photo (@ChiTribPhoto) January 31, 2017

Distillation for a Resistance (First Edition)

We’re early in this new political era, with a long time ahead of us, and there’s a need to get a sense of one’s bearings. (The sound way to approach the new politics that has overcome America through the three-thousand-year traditional of liberty to be found in many places, the Online Library of Liberty being […]

The Work of the Next Several Years 

Charles Blow writes of the work ahead for those many citizens who now find themselves compelled to defend their rights: I fully understand that elevated outrage is hard to maintain. It’s exhausting. But the alternative is surrender to national nihilism and the welcoming of woe. The next four years could be epochal years in the history […]

Trappings of the Authoritarian

Authoritarian policies matter more than authoritarian trappings, but Trump has a taste for both: Donald Trump won’t content himself with the standard-issue presidency — he’s going to have his customized. Daily intelligence briefings are out, along with the norms that prohibit the appearance of corruption. “Victory rallies” are in — as is the private security […]

Of Course Most #NeverTrumpers Will Capitulate

Thousands who (admirably) devoted themselves to the #NeverTrump movement have already (sadly) begun to second-guess their opposition now that Trump’s heading to federal power. Ben Terris nicely describes the impulse – the natural reaction to yield to power – in Welcome to NeverTrump Grief, Stage 3: GOP skeptics bargain with Trump — and themselves. One […]

The Anti-Renoir Movement

So one reads in the Boston Globe (hat tip to Althouse for the link) that there’s an anti-Renoir movement: The rally, which mostly bewildered passersby, was organized by Max Geller, creator of the Instagram account Renoir Sucks at Painting, who wants the MFA to take its Renoirs off the walls and replace them with something […]

Message Independence

Look at Whitewater, and one sees scores of groups with press releases, community announcements, or political viewpoints to publicize.  Even much smaller communities have similar conditions: a dozen people are likely to have more than a dozen views.  Each day, and especially in an election year, it helps to have the independence to offer views […]

Rock Netroots

Down in Rock County, Lou Kaye has been publishing Rock Netroots since 2006 (a year longer than I’ve been publishing at FREE WHITEWATER).  Kaye has a fine website.  I’m not of the Left as Kaye is, but that’s not necesary to enjoy Rock Netroots. The community of which Kaye writes is beset by all sorts […]

A Different Kind of (Restaurant) Review

Earlier this month, an employee of a Florida Golden Corral named Brandon Huber posted a video in which he contends that his restaurant was improperly storing food. (The restaurant owner, Eric Holm, has disputed many of the contentions against his establishment, and derided Huber’s motivation as a mercenary one.) Huber’s video (one of several he […]