Rural America Turns Against Trump

One often reads that it’s rural America that elected – and will always stand by – Donald Trump. In fact, Trump’s support in rural communities is in decline. Chris Kahn and Tim Reid report Trump’s popularity is slipping in rural America: According to the Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll, the Republican president’s popularity is eroding in […]

Marquette Law Poll, March 2017 (First Marquette Poll Since 2016 Election)

Selected results below, from among Wisconsin registered voters; full results are available online. Trump Approval New Marquette Law School Poll puts approval among registered voters in WI of how President Trump is doing his job at 41%. #mulawpoll — MULawPoll (@MULawPoll) March 22, 2017 Trump Disappproval 47% disapprove of Trump job performance, 11% don’t express […]

Friday Poll: What Was That?

What Was It? In September, a live video cam of an eagle’s nest seemed to capture something else walking below on the ground. There’s now excitement that this might be a recording of a Sasquatch. (In the embedded video, the action occurs in the upper right corner of the recording, and is enhanced and placed […]

Marquette Law Poll Results (Early October ’16 Edition)

The early October Marquette Law School poll results are out, and here are two key findings from the 10.6.16 to 10.9.16 poll (the full results will be available online later this afternoon). Clinton-Trump-Johnson-Stein, Among LV: New Marquette Law School Poll, Wisconsin likely voters: Clinton 44% Trump 37% Johnson 9%Stein 3%#MULawPoll — MULawPoll (@MULawPoll) October 12, […]

Friday Poll: Playing Pokemon Go in Parliament

Playing Pokemon Go in Parliament @erna_solberg med Pokémon under trontaledebatten på #Stortinget i går. Les hva hun sier om det selv, i @Klassekampen. — Tom Henning Bratlie (@Jallapappa) October 5, 2016 So Norway’s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, was caught playing Pokemon in that country’s parliament during a heated debate. What do you think?

Friday Poll: Three Political Polls

Who Won the First Presidential Debate?Will You Watch the Vice Presidential Debate?Should a Candidate Release His or Her Tax Returns? Here are three polls on politics: the winner on the first presidential debate, the upcoming vice-presidential debate, and candidates’ releasing tax returns. I’ve never run more than one poll at a time, but there are […]

Marquette Law Poll Results (Mid-September ’16 Edition)

The mid-September Marquette Law School poll results are out, and here are a few key findings from the 9.15.16 to 9.18.16 poll (the full results will be available online later this afternoon). Clinton-Trump, Among LV: New Marquette Law School Poll finds Clinton leading Trump among likely voters in WI 44% to 42%. #mulawpoll — MULawPoll […]

Friday Poll: Amtrak’s Seven-Month Response Time

<a href=””>Amtrak’s Seven-Month Response Time</a> Amanda Carpenter, a sometime political operative and current CNN commentator, became stuck in an Amtrak station elevator in February, and she posted on Twitter at the time to describe her situstion. Seven months later, an Amtrak representative tweeted back to ask if she still needed help: Carpenter obviously pushed the […]

Polls, Polls, Polls

In the weeks ahead, we’re sure to hear about dramatic results! or shocking details! from presidential or statewide polls.  Over at FiveThirtyEight, they’ve 13 Tips For Reading General Election Polls Like A Pro. All thirteen are instructive, but tips 1 and 2 are especially useful guidelines: Beware of polls tagged “bombshells” or “stunners.” Any poll described thusly is […]