3.29.16 Added numbers 1-4 to an enumerated list of points in post on Referenda.

2.11.16  Fixed typo in post about AG Schimel’s support for assault reporting amnesty – removed stray word (‘of’) in last sentence.

2.4.16 Meeting dates corrected from 2.3 to 2.4.

2.2.16 Corrected spelling of roaring-lion-avoidance policy.

2.1.16 Post on Answers to Three Questions, date in corrected to 1.19.16.

1.19.16 Corrected time of Common Council meeting for 1.19.16 – from 6:30 PM to 6 PM

12.23.15  Fixed two typos in post entitled, The Importance of Why (paragraph 1 – candidacies, and paragraph 3 – repeated word that.)

12.14.15  Corrected typo in post title, Commentary & Chronicle.

12.10.15 Updated number of suggestions in post The Lingua Franca of a New Whitewater (7)

11.17.15 Corrected typo in post entitled, Questions on the 9.17.15 Remarks on Waste Importation.

11.16.15 Corrected spelling of given name in post entitled, Text of the 9.17.15 Remarks on Waste Importation.

11.1.15 Scariest Things in Whitewater, 2015: No. 9, changed presently to presentation.

4.22.15 In post Whitewater YES is Right, for Now corrected typo on year from 2104 to 2014.

4.6.15 In post Tomorrow’s Election, corrected typo scare to scarce.

3.17.15 Corrected typo in post On the Whitewater Schools from it’s to its 4th paragraph.

2.19.15 corrected typo in 2.19.15 post on Coach Fader — wresting to wrestling.

2.5.15 corrected three typos in 2.5.15 post on Chancellor Telfer and public relations: students, entrepreneurial, sycophancy.

11.28.14 Corrected post with poll on deer hunting from who’s deer to whose deer thanks to kind reader’s message.

8.27.14 In post on Whitewater’s ACT Scores and Participation rates, fixed typo – from significant to significance.

8.20.14 On post about Whitewater Schools referendum proposal, in fifth paragraph moved word internal father into sentence. Also added numbers to points made.

7.17.14 Corrected post about conservatives in Whitewater – chards corrected to shards (pieces not leafy plants)

6.27.24 Removed superfluous word in Dogblogging post ‘those.’

6.26.14 In post entitled Show Your Work, added missing word: ‘ they are so very eager…’

6.19.14 moved videos of Kronies parodies higher in post, updated parenthetical explanation of pol]

6.3.14 In Daily Bread post fixed day of daily Puzzability game from Wed to Tue.

5.12.14 In post about vandalism, fixed typo in second to last paragraph from cooperate to cooperative.

3.31.14 Corrected typo in title of Monday Music song.

3.27.14 Corrected typo in candidate’s name, inadvertently omitting a vowel, from 3.27.14 post.

3.12.14. Removed double use of word ‘in’ in post entitled, Why Whitewater?

1.22.14 Corrected typos in post about blogging tips

1.10.14 Added word ‘be’ to final sentence of post on What the Shock of Inclusion Means Locally

12.6.13 Corrected reference in poll from Huntingdon Post to Huffington Post

12.2.13 Corrected typo in title of music post: Little Drummer Boy

11.9.13 Corrected typo in post on another Star Wars Film (film, not fim).

11.4.13 Corrected typo in Daily Bread post from a aviation to an aviation.

9.27.13 Corrected name of animal-abuser to Ritz.

8.19.13 corrected typo on location (Starin) of Seniors in the Park film

8.4.13 Corrected cartoon post title from Donald Duck to Daffy Duck

7.19.13 in poll about civet coffee, corrected publication to Huffington Post.

7.17.13 Fixed typo of Daily Bread post subject line

6.26.13 Fixed two typos in review of Los Agaves taqueria.

6.18.13 Fixed several typos in post Part 2: Hey, Walworth County, How About Buying Over-Priced, Half-Unsuitable Parkland with Taxpayer Money!

6.11.13 – Corrected position of owner on possible transaction (Clark is seller, not buyer) in Hey, Walworth County, How About Buying Over-Priced, Half-Unsuitable Parkland with Taxpayer Money!

6.10.13 Corrected title of post to ‘Dairyland’

5.29.13 Corrected spelling of UW Whitewater chief’s surname to Kiederlen.

5.2.12 Removed superfluous word (out) from ‘omitted out.’

4.25.13 Corrected spacing on review of Randy’s restaurant – no change to content.

4.10.13 Fixed typo in spelling of Jackie Robinson’s name in Daily Bread post.

2.5.13 Fixed spelling of commercials in post

1.25.13 in Friday catblogging post, corrected cats at Ewoks to cats as Ewoks.

1.18.13 in post about Regionalization from 1.18.13, capitalized Manager in City Manager.

1.18.13 fixed date in Daily Bread post of blaze in Janesville

1.12.13 added specific location of remarks in a newspaper interview (paragraphs 22-26) to a post entitled Needless Risk

12.18.12 corrected considered to consider and a to an in daily bread post.

12.16.12 Corrected Daily Bread subject line’s date from 2.16.12 to 12.16.12

11.1.12 Changed wording of post Choosing Wrongly to preserve parallel of ‘wrongly’ in last two paragraphs (rather than poorly and wrongly)

8.20.12 In post on “Whitewater’s 8.16.12 Police Commission Meeting’ fixed type (government)

8.4.12 Corrected typo in Daily Bread post (from hight of ninety-three to high of ninety-three).

7.20.12 fix Catblogging cat post to add b, l to Catblogging

7.11.12 changed ‘a several’ to ‘are several’ in post on GEH and the press. Fixed repetition of number 10 in list of questions so that final question is 11.

7.6.12. Corrected chance for change on Friday poll

7.2.12 Corrected fight to fought in Daily Bread post

6.13.12 Corrected spelling of Thompson (stray character removed)

5.25.12 Fixed two typos on post about SpaceX private capsule.

5.11.12 fixed few typos in post about public communications (spread, witnessing, information being among them).

5.1.12 in post on Whitewater’s past and future, changed cow flying over the moon to cow jumping over the moon.

3.15.12 corrected word for repetition of quote from raised to raising, and sundry typos in the fifth paragraph.

1.10.12 What causes a budget shortfall? Post – ‘least’ changed to ‘last’

12.28.11. Corrected stray characters in longitude at latitude on 12.28 Daily Bread post.

12.7.11 In post on school budget assumptions, corrected with to within and endeavors from British spelling to American, that is, to endeavors.

11.23.11 Corrected date on Daily Bread post to 11.23.11

11.7.11 Update for clarity in post about job hiring at Generac – hiring 300 – 400 total jobs between three cities.

11.1.11 Corrected typo in post title: The Predictable, Dead-End Re[s]ponse

10.27.11 Corrected spelling of Confederate ship (Albermarle)

10.26.11 Corrected date of Daily Bread post to 10.26 (from 10.25)

9.30.11 Corrected typo (recovey to recovery) and loading of three videos on Daily Bread post

9.27.11 Added word ‘long’ to post about Jimmy Carter and Bob Strauss.

9.24.11 Removed stray word in post about TSA

9.24.11 Fixed link for Pork in the Park :

9.13.11 Fixed numbering in Tips for Politicians When Encountering Protesters

8.18.11 In post on police search, added word to question: Where (is) this going?

8.8.11 Replaced parenthesis with colon in post about Effigy Mounds.

8.3.11 Removed unnecessary possessive in Daily Bread post (bureaucrats)

7-29-11 Fixed typo in catblogging post ‘from’ instead of ‘for.’ Added missing word ‘than’ to Comment Forum post.

7-21-11 Added missing word (‘will’) to Daily Bread for 7.21 post,
and fixed typo of ‘temperatures’

7-17-11 Corrected typo in spelling of Virginia (left out second ‘i’) in Friday 7-15 comment forum.

7-13-11 Fixed broken link on post about business park.

6-28-11. Daily Bread post for 6.27.11 corrected to show open School Board meeting on 6.28.11

6-11-11. Added Transformers clip to post on summer movies.

6-11-11. Removed stray character (‘?’) From Daily Bread post.

5-11-11. Removed stray characters (‘?’) From Daily Bread post.

5-8-11 Corrected date in post about recent tweets (from 5.11 to 5.8)

5-7-11 Fixed typo in post on opinion-making — this to thus in second sentence

4-25-11 Removed duplicative word (‘that’ appearing twice).

3-26-11 Fixed typo (extra ? in sentence from post on corporate welfare.

2-14-11 Fixed typo (extra e in word ‘you’re’) in music post.

2-8-11 Changed verb in final sentence in post ‘God and gods’ from ‘are’ to ‘do.’

2-1-11 Fixed rescheduled date for council meeting and removed stray characters in post, added missing sentence fragment in post on Nietzsche and local politics.

1-24-11 Removed several stray characters, words on post about Innovation Center.

1-21-11 Corrected comment forum post on polar plunges to display video and correct video description.

1-13-11 League of Women Voters January newsletter corrected to 2011 from 2010, and stray character substitution of ? for “.

1-10-11 Corrected typo in post from 11-16-10 about challenge to campaign financing law

12-30-10 Corrected missing word in post title about Reason’s Nanny of the Year

12-29-10 Removed duplicate word from post on tax incremental financing.

12-07-10 Fixed use of their for there in post about state budget

11-16-10 Term co-grantors fixed to co-grant recipients in post about statements on tech park.

11-16-10 Fixed numbering of suggestions for 2011 budget, and several typos in earlier post about Financial Analysis.

11-10-10 Added space between fairy and tales in post title

11-9-10 Corrected spelling of press critic Jack Shafer’s last name (only one ‘e’).

11-4-10 Corrected several typos in post on conserevatives and liberals in Whitewater

10-29-10Removed duplicate instance of Whitewater in title to post

10-19-10Corrected blockquoted paragraph in story about City of Whitewater’s fiscal trends

10-18-10 Corrected verb tense in post use to used in post about stolen property

10-14-10 Added missing word ‘town’ to sentence in post about 2011 Whitewater budget

10-13-10 Removed stray word ‘have’ from sentence in post entitled, “About that Public Hearing.”

10-9-10 Corrected typo in spelling of candidate’s name from Lott to Iott.

10-3-10 1. Added missing character to add color in font heading about latest CDA meeting of 9-27-10 in post about Whitewater Innovation Center. 2. fixed link to online minutes of 4-19-10 CDA meeting

10-1-10Daily Bread post: Changed to interference to to interfere.

9-27-10Added colon to end of sentence in post about Banned Books Week.

9-16-10Added ‘s to Official in title of post to reflect actual misconduct of DA Ken Kratz despite Office of Lawyer Regulation’s absurd unwillingness to find the same under WI regulations.

9-12-10 Added word as to a post entitled More Absurd Excuses from Brunner and Telfer: ?UW-Whitewater Breaks Ground on Technology Park?

9-3-10 Corrected stray characters in post about Freedom Works

8-31-10 Corrected two stray characters in 8-26 Daily Bread post (? Instead of ‘ originally)

8-30-10 Fixed typos in story about roadside attractions from Wall Street Journal.

8-25-10 Fixed typo of human to humane in 8-24 post on Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex to mirror sentence used in other posts.

8-19-10 Corrected spelling of Dr. Laura Schles[s]inger’s name

8-17-10 Fixed superfluous verb in sentence from 8-16 Beautiful Whitewater post.

8-16-10 Assorted corrections to spelling of

8-12-10 Adjusted size of Wizard of Oz video in morning post.

7-30-10 added parenthesis in post about GM’s Volt electric car

7-25-10 corrected typo in Eleven Fifty-Nine post for 7-24 about Jane Goodall from she to she’s

6-18-10 corrected typo in Urban Forestry post from UPC to UFC

6-18-10 fixed missing-word “about’ typo in post about bus passenger.

6-16-10 fixed two missing-letter typos in parody of Whitewater city manager.

6-14-10 fixed typos in Daily Bread — difference to different.

5-24-10 fixed typo in Daily Bread – small into smaller, and correction to Hyland. At least the canary looks sharp!

5-20-10 fixed typo in Update 5 on Milwaukee Mental Health Complex – word bureaucrat

5-10-10 in post on leopard’s spots, changed typo of when to went

5-7-10 on open comments forum preview from 5-6-10, changed ‘can do do’ to ‘can do so’ — very different concepts

4-29 corrected verb tense (was to were) in line when referring to individual thanks; removed stray word (the) from sentence

4-23-10 corrected typo (stray letter in word ‘Central’)

4-20-10 corrected typo (missing word ‘am’) in post on Walmart

4-6-10 corrected typo in League of Women Voters post

3-30-10 corrected typo in post on raw milk

3/4/10 Added word “what” to post on real unemployment rate

2/19/10 Post on Ames, Iowa Town and Gown Association conference title corrected to ‘Carts before Horses…’ with cart in front – the opposite of how it should be in ordinarily, but how it is in Whitewater’s scheme of things.

2/18/10 In post on Coan’s interview in Mankato Free Press, corrected ‘sold’ to ‘so.’

2/17/10 Corrected typo of word ‘themselves,’ and added missing link to circuit judge election results.

2/12/10 In the post entitled The Corruption of Familiarity and Favoritism corrected typo of Milwaukee and corrected word change to charge when describing a criminal action.

2/10/10 Corrected post title of Daily Bread post to 2-10-10

2/9/10 In post Whitewater’s Police Chief and the Job in Mankato, MN –?Update, 6:21 PM: Fixed link for “What Happens in Vegas…” appearing in post. Link now leads correctly to that post.

2/2/10 In the post on Department of Embarrassing Coincidence, Whitewater, Wisconsin Branch Office, finally reloaded above the Sheridan post, after a reader alerted me that she had not noticed it originally. The draft did not load with the actual time of posting as I had wanted (but rather of drafting), and I have now moved it above the Sheridan post.

1/31/10 In the post on Citizens United, changed ‘there are here’ to ‘they are here.’

1/21/10 In the post On Whitewater, Wisconsin?s Recent Bond Rating changed two typos — depend to
depend on and later both to bother.

1/6/10 In post about Secret Warrants of Walworth County, added “district’ to Koss’s title: long-tenured district attorney.

1/5/10 In post on topics in the year ahead, corrected typo of ‘they’ to ‘the’ in final paragraph.

12/16/09 In post on tea parties, corrected a typo, with Patty restored to Party.

12/08/09 In Daily Bread post for 12/08/09, corrected My to Why in question number 1.

9/28/09 — Changed headline of post,, to ‘Most Plaintiffs Leave School District, Voluntarily Withdraw Civil Rights Lawsuit,’ to reflect unnoticed Janesville Gazette print morning edition story.