The Importance of Curiosity

FREE WHITEWATER is a website of independent commentary. It’s not a news site, but it does have something is common — as blogs do — with news sites. Curiosity is key to writing about life in town.

That’s why good reporters and newspapers always exhibit an interest in what lies beneath the initial statement or public announcement.

Here’s a great example — a new blog from a reporter, who’s writing about what it’s like covering the news. It’s called “It’s All about the Story,” and it’s about ‘the day to day grit’ of being a reporter. There’s much — much — to being a journalist, but as a non-journalist, I am very sure that curiosity and interest in one’s own profession must be vital to those skills.

News is more than a mere listing of events — it’s an insight into how news is crafted, reported, and presented to others. It’s All About the Story has the right perspective — it is all about the story.

Over at the GazetteXtra, there’s a whole section on reporters’ and editors’ blogs, so that those who care about reporting can share their insights, insights that underlie their reporting.

Elected — and appointed — officials will provide one take on an event, and often hope and expect that what they say will be taken at face value. In fact, it’s that they expect it to be so — based on who they are, and believe themselves to be — that’s so presumptuous.

In the end, their view on policy comes as close to do you know who I am? than even a parody would be able to do.

The best antidote for all this is an inquisitive outlook. A good reporter or newspaper will be a curious one, interested in the work of journalism itself.