0, 448, 476, 84


Number of published words from Chancellor Beverly Kopper in support of five complainants alleging sexual assault or harassment from her publicly appointed assistant-to-the-chancellor spouse.


Number of published words from Chancellor Beverly Kopper in reply to one remark from a single sportscaster during a single Packers preseason game.

(It’s not that one shouldn’t reply – of course one should have pride in one’s school.  That’s admirable and understandable. It’s the confirmation of Kopper’s public-relations priorities that’s concerning. Injured people deserve the highest priority.

By the way, perhaps someone will explain to Kopper that in her letter she awkwardly used premiere – a first showing of performance – when premier – something of the first rank – was the correct choice. Her media relations team might consider springing for a dictionary.)


Number of days between the first known written complaint about her publicly appointed assistant-to-the-chancellor spouse and Kopper’s disclosure of his repeated conduct. (5.26.17 to 9.14.18. Reported administrative complaint – time does not include prior incidents, unwritten concerns, or any awareness apart from what’s now known of the written administrative process.)


Number of days between a ban on the publicly appointed assistant-to-the-chancellor spouse of Beverly Kopper and her disclosure to her own campus. (6.22.18 to 9.14.18)

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5 years ago

This is a stark reminder about self-interest taking over. “Community” doesn’t mean much if it ignores abuse. Not sure if you know, but in the fall Beverly gave a speech entitled believe it or not “Better Together”. Something to think/write about.

Whitewater has an uneasy relationship to the campus. I have to admit that sometimes my colleagues have a dim view of the town. Unfortunately many don’t live in Whitewater.

One irony of this website is that it is written in an assertive intellectual style that would be familiar to a university educated audience. Most people in Whitewater including many on campus do not write that way. Part of the bite with that style comes from getting a taste of their own medicine.

Stephanie Goettl Vander Pas
5 years ago

I really have nothing to say to you except thank you. My final day on the council is next week as my family is relocating to Racine. Thank you for remembering we are human beings who deserve to be treated as such. Thank you for acknowledging we were harmed. Thank you for your compassion for those who have survived this. Thank you for these stark numbers, although I must admit I don’t think I really wanted to know them.