2020: ‘But Not Just That’

Tim Miller – who is always worth reading, writes of 2020 as The Worst. But Not Just That. These paragraphs resonate:

Most importantly, 2020 will always be the year that we joined together and toppled the greatest threat that our fragile union has faced in many decades. Turning out more people to vote against the president-strongman than had ever voted against anyone in American history. Turning out large enough numbers to ensure the victory was clear, to thwart his—and his party’s—attempt to overturn our democracy.

2020 will always be loss. But it will always be that victory, too. Don’t ever let the wannabe sophisticates retcon the last four years to make it seem like the happy ending was inevitable or that there was never any real danger. Because it wasn’t. And there was. Even now, those careerists hold their manhoods cheap for not taking the field to save our republic.

We achieved something important and lasting, something that will reverberate through the decades during a year that was otherwise The Worst.


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