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Answer of Telfer and Edmonds to Former Coach Fader’s Federal Lawsuit

In August, Timothy Fader, the former wrestling coach at UW-Whitewater, filed a federal lawsuit against former chancellor Richard Telfer and then-Athletic Director Amy Edmonds (she has since been demoted), alleging defamation & constructive termination stemming from a dismissal because Fader reported an alleged sexual assault committed by a recruit directly to Whitewater police rather than a…

Coach Fader Appears on ESPN’s Outside the Lines

  On Friday, former UW-Whitewater Coach Timothy Fader appeared on ESPN’s nationally-broadcast Outside the Lines, to describe the treatment that led him to file a federal lawsuit against former Chancellor Telfer and current Athletic Director Amy Edmonds. See, Coach fired for reporting sexual assault. UW-Whitewater officials declined to appear on the program, but issued a…

Former Coach Fader Files Federal Lawsuit Against UW-Whitewater Officials

At Channel 3000, investigative reporter Adam Schrager reports on a federal lawsuit that former Coach Timothy Fader has filed against UW-Whitewater officials, in their individual capacities. (I had promised readers that I would continue to follow this story, and will continue to do so as the case unfolds.) Both current Athletic Director Amy Edmonds and…

Coach Timothy Fader, Vindicated

Coach Timothy Fader, a nationally-recognized coach who was dismissed from his position as head wrestling coach at UW-Whitewater, is now the head wrestling coach at UW-Eau Claire. As Whitewater’s current chancellor likes to be clear, I will be, too: Coach Fader would never have been hired elsewhere in the UW System if there had been any…

Former Coach Tim Fader Files Notice of Intent to Sue UW-Whitewater Officials

Tim Fader, formerly an award-winning wrestling coach at UW-Whitewater, was subjected to non-renewal of his contract (effective dismissal) with no satisfactory explanation, and with reason to think that UW-Whitewater had fired him for reporting a sexual assault allegation directly to the police. Fader’s termination came during a time – still ongoing – when UW-Whitewater was under federal investigation for its handling of other sexual assault complaints.

WISC-TV 3, Channel 3000, now reports on Fader’s Notice of Claim, in a story published online this evening:

Former University of Wisconsin-Whitewater wrestling coach has notified the state’s attorney general of his intent to sue a number of officials at the university for “improperly” dismissing him from his position and for continuing to stymie his efforts to find work.

Tim Fader failed a “Notice of Claim” this week, alleging that he was not renewed as the school’s wrestling coach in the summer of 2014 because he reported an alleged sexual assault committed by one of his recruits earlier last year directly to Whitewater Police and not to his supervisors on campus, per university policy. Fader asserts he’s been made a “scapegoat” because his situation arose shortly after the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Education announced UW-W was one of 55 schools nationwide being investigated for how it handled sexual assault or harassment allegations

(Our law requires that one file a notice of intent to sue any state officials 60 days before legal action can begin. I have embedded the Notice of Claim below, so that one may read it in full.)

Attorney Stan Davis, a former UW System Regent, represents Fader. Attorney Davis observes that when Fader spoke to the police, he prevented UW-Whitewater’s officials from crafting a description of events at a time, and a pace, of their own choosing:

“He was the Division 3 Wrestling Coach of the Year and he is now unable to find a job,” said Fader’s lawyer, Stan Davis, a former UW System Regent. “It seems as though he’s being punished here for not giving the University the opportunity to decide how they were going to address, spin, handle this matter and that’s problematic.”

See, Former Coach Takes Step to Sue UW-Whitewater Officials @ Channel 3000.

Needless to say, in each case there may be people who are injured. That matters most, of course. Nearly as important as handling present injuries is inhibiting future victims or third-parties from reporting allegations for fear of doing so.

Attorney Davis sees this fundamental truth clearly:

His lawyer believes the impact Fader’s jobless situation could have on campuses throughout the state is why this remains so important.

“The chilling effect this could have on other faculty members who may be afraid to go to the police now if they become aware of something because Tim went to the police and he ends up losing his job,” Davis said. “It suggests (UW-W) didn’t want an outside agency to be aware of this until they decided what, if anything, they were going to do about it.

“Making a scapegoat of one person who actually handled the situation the way I think most people would have… does not do anything to help address this problem in the future.”

In fact, it’s hard to believe that reasonable people, aware of the importance of encouraging reporting, and genuinely believing in open reporting would not see as much.

I’ll have updates as this matter develops.

I would encourage readers to donate to the It’s On Us campaign, and to support these and other efforts to prevent sexual violence.

Those who have experienced sexual assault will find resources of support at


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Post updated 7.2.15 with video interview.

Former Coach Fader Vindicated Five Times Over

It’s been over nine months since Chancellor Richard Telfer suspended former UW-Whitewater wrestling coach Tim Fader, and later effectively fired him (Fader’s contract was not renewed).  In April 2014, a woman alleged that a wrestling recruit assaulted her, and Fader has consistently said that he contacted the Whitewater Police Department about the incident, and that…

Coach Fader’s Interview with WISC-TV (Channel 3000)

Update: Video interview embedded immediately below. On Monday night, WISC-TV Madison broadcast an interview with UW-Whitewater’s former wresting coach, Tim Fader. Coach Fader was dismissed from his position in June 2014, two months after he reported an alleged sexual assault to the Whitewater Police Department. A story based on the broadcast interview is now online.…

Questions on Assault Reporting, Formality, and Former UW-Whitewater Wrestling Coach Fader

Minor athletic-rules violations, no matter how widely reported, are trivial compared with assuring an open climate to report and address sexual assault and harassment (no matter how some try to change the subject). A focus on a university’s small athletic discrepancies inadvertently (or intentionally) distracts from a more important focus on that university’s commitment addressing…

Assault Reporting, Formality, and Former UW-Whitewater Wrestling Coach Fader

In the spring, UW-Whitewater suspended, and later fired, wrestling coach Tim Fader. See, Wrestling coach seeks answers to dismissal and Update on dismissal of Wisconsin-Whitewater wrestling coach Tim Fader. Around the same time that the Fader matter hit the news, UW-Whitewater was – and still is – separately under federal investigation for its handling of…

Questions Concerning a Ban on the UW-Whitewater Chancellor’s Husband After a Sexual Harassment Investigation

On Friday, this site linked to a published article in the Journal Sentinel about a campus ban against UW-Whitewater Chancellor Beverly Kopper’s husband after a UW System investigation found that he had committed acts of sexual harassment against campus employees. See Journal Sentinel: UW-Whitewater chancellor’s husband banned from campus after sexual harassment investigation and the original story. …

On Lake, McHenry, and Walworth Counties

In August, I wrote that dorm-construction wasn’t the big story at UW-Whitewater, but rather it was the federal lawsuit against former Chancellor Telfer and [then-current] Athletic Director Amy Edmonds.   Even in her mundane story of residence-construction, the Journal Sentinel‘s Karen Herzog got it wrong: the bigger story was an increasing number of out-of-state students (now about…

UW-Whitewater’s Interim Athletic Director

UW-Whitewater has hired an interim athletic director to replace Amy Edmonds, who was recently demoted: Effective Oct. 17, Randy Marnocha will begin serving as Interim Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Chancellor Beverly Kopper announced today. Amy Edmonds will return to her previous position as associate athletic director, and will assist with the transition. “Randy Marnocha is a…

UW-Whitewater’s Amy Edmonds Out as Athletic Director

UW-Whitewater’s current Athletic Director, Amy Edmonds, is reportedly out as head of UW-Whitewater’s athletic programs.  The report notes that she’s being demoted to associate athletic director (at a significant cut in salary). There’s no certainty that she would, in fact, remain in a subordinate role following the apppointment of an interim director, let alone a…