A Better Alternative for Whitewater

 Local readers may have heard, as I have, that Whitewater’s Community Development Authority chairman recently thanked Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner for federal legislation. Sensenbrenner, for those unfamiliar, is a career office-holding septuagenarian multi-millionaire situated far from the city, serving in a gerrymandered district. (Sensenbrenner, whose only time is behind-the-times, once responded to concerns about online privacy by observing that ‘Nobody’s got to use the Internet’.)

There are surely people on this planet with a worse feel for Whitewater, but most of them probably speak Afrikaans. Sensenbrenner’s almost a parody of a candidate unsuited to our city.

(It’s funny, although I’m sure unintentionally so, that anyone on the Whitewater CDA would think dropping Sensenbrenner’s name was somehow impressive or endearing.)

I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat (nor now a member of any party). It’s enough, I think, to have clear convictions and follow them to good candidates.

Whitewater can do better. Tom Palzewicz is, so to speak, that better —

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