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I’ve long argued that the application of continent-wide standards to local challenges offers better solutions for our small town than a hyper-localism that ignores best practices from across our country. SeeWhat Standards for Whitewater?

We will achieve little, and leave less for the next generation, if we do less – if we reach lower – than this.

Consider the following results of a Google Search, from this morning:


Our success will not be had by the apparent display of a crudely altered but unattributed image from, of all things, a California food bank. (It’s a food bank, by the way, that like many organizations has a terms of use policy regarding logos and attribution.)

The Alamadea County Food Bank has worked for over thirty years to feed needy people in that part of California. Here’s a description of their work:

Alameda County Community Food Bank has been in business since 1985 … with a vision toward a day when we can go out of business. We are the hub of a vast collection and distribution network that provides food for 240 nonprofit agencies in Alameda County. In 2014, the Food Bank distributed 25 million meals — more than half of the food was fresh fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to ensure every food insecure child, adult and senior in Alameda County knows where their next meal is coming from, by 2018.

Since moving into our permanent facility near the Oakland Airport in 2005 and leading the national food bank movement for a ban on the distribution of carbonated beverages, the Food Bank has ramped up distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables by more than 1,000%.

We can surely succeed, but only by some (rather than by any easy) means.

4 thoughts on “About Standards

  1. Whitewater needs better quality to attract new blood but
    these guys are clueless about what it takes. So when someone
    writes a term paper guess it’s okay to use anything for it.

  2. we could do better but the people at the top don’t care about quality.they think anything is good enough. it’s always ok by them when they do it.

  3. Every time this happens it shows how unprofessional people who want to be seen as professionals really are.

  4. Another problem here is that we cannot attract growth industries to Whitewater without a business ready appearance. No businesses from outside prospects means no additional students for our schools.Really hard to get that across but it’s a stumbling block for us.

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