Alexei Navalny’s Documentary on Russian Corruption

Russian lawyer and anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny sparked protests across his country when he posted on YouTube a video revealing the financial corruption of Dmitry Medvedev, currently prime minister, and Putin’s longtime political partner, in the Russian Federation. The exposé, He Is Not Dimon to You, shows how corrupt Russia has become, and is a forewarning of what America will become should Trumpism prevail. (Dimon is a disparaging diminutive of Dmitry.)

I’ve embedded Navalny’s documentary with English captions. (It’s worth nothing that there’s little of a free press left in Russia, so Navalny had to use an American YouTube channel to post his work on Russia’s lamentable political situation. Many Russians, legitimately distrustful of a pro-Putin state media, found and watched it nonetheless.)

Description accompanying the documentary:

Secret castles, vineyards and Dmitry Medvedev[‘s] yacht –
proud to bring you the largest to date investigating the Fund’s fight against corruption.

We found and documented [by] the corrupt empire of the Prime Minister, consisting of a network of philanthropic organizations, issued on his proxies.

The oligarchs and the state-owned banks with their bribes pumped these charities, and then the money was spent on construction and the purchase of luxury real estate in Russia and abroad.

Documents confirming each fact set out in the film, are contained in the text investigation – We call on everyone to help us with the spread of this investigation. Send a link to friends and acquaintances, hang it in social networks….

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