‘America the great’

Shikha Dalmia writes, truly, of America the great:

Ever since President Trump sauntered into the White House, America’s image — or “brand,” in marketing parlance — has taken a beating. This month, a Nation Brand Index poll of public opinion in 50 countries found that the “Trump effect” had caused America’s reputation to drop from first to sixth place in world rankings on a whole host of metrics, such as its attractiveness as a tourist, business, and work destination. This is in keeping with the March U.S. News & World Report “best country” rankings, based on a poll of business leaders and other “informed elites” around the world, in which the U.S. fell several notches.

But fear not. America will overcome this loss of respect. Because American greatness has nothing to do with Trump. Indeed, what has long made this nation “great” in the eyes of the world is not its politics or political leaders. America’s greatness stems from the fact that it has set the standards of excellence in literally every human endeavor for the last 150 years.

While immodest, it is not an overstatement to suggest that when it comes to the sciences, arts, technology, and business, America dominates the world. And it does so not by imposing its will on others, but by excelling so much that it forces other countries to compete on a higher plane. Quite simply, America has made the world a better place to live….

We are an astonishing people, having established a world-historical republic, and we will overcome Trumpism just as surely as we overcame Loyalists, Copperheads, Confederates, the Bund, and the Klan.

Hard, long work ahead, to be sure: those earlier stains on our history were eradicated (however imperfectly) only after heroic effort. We have, however, the inspiration of past successes, and our own tenacity, in our favor.

Even now, so many of us in resistance and opposition have made new allies and friends from across the continent. Our position will prove indomitable.

We will see this through, and on the other side of it, an American renaissance will await.