Can Libertarians Be Christian? Must Libertarians Be Socially Liberal?

One hears all sorts of questions like this, about whether libertarianism requires a certain religious view, or a certain social outlook. One can certainly be a Christian and libertarian, and libertarians run the range from socially liberal to socially conservative.

Although libertarianism is more influential in America than ever (so much so that many groups use the term ‘libertarian’), it’s still new and unfamiliar to many other people.

There are religious and non-religious libertarians; there are left and right libertarians, too.

Libertarianism is a political position, advocating the proper, limited role of government to maximize liberty. Keeping government in check doesn’t decide other, higher questions of faith, family, or opportunity: keeping government in check allows people to decide those other questions free from political coercion.

Libertarianism and Christianity:

In the first video, the Christian chair of the LP of Tennessee emphasizes the compatibility of Christianity and libertarianism, but he makes clear that Christ never declared himself of one politics or another. He also reminds viewers that the LP offers a home for non-Christians in a common commitment to assure limited and responsible government.

Libertarianism and Social Conservatism:

The second video is from Token Libertarian Girl, and her name is a play (I think) on the idea that there aren’t as many libertarian women as there are men. She describes her channel as an offering of “economics and politics from my libertarian perspective. I like capitalism, liberty and peace. Make money. Not war.” It’s a fine set of views, attractively presented.

In relationships, libertarian men often find themselves dating either conservative or progressive women, depending on whether their own libertarianism tends to the left or right. Why there are apparently more libertarian men than women is a different matter.

In any event, there’s no sound social or religious reason for either conservatives or liberals to be scared away from libertarianism.

For more on this topic, see Libertarianism for those on the Left and Right.

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