Cashierless (and so Cashless)

One reads that Amazon has opened its first cashless, full-size grocery store in Seattle. See Amazon is opening its first full-size, cashierless grocery store. Here’s a first look inside.

A few remarks:

This is a technological achievement, and other companies are working along similar lines.

No cashier means, definitionally, no cash transactions. That’s convenient for many consumers, but not for some low-income shoppers who rely on cash purchases. This larger Amazon market in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood will do well, as the residents in that part of the city (and quite a few other neighborhoods) are relatively younger, prosperous, and technologically-sophisticated.

However intriguing this technology, however beautiful Seattle – and they are beguilingly intriguing & beautiful – these developments will not soon reach all of America.

Whitewater’s residents have more pressing needs.

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