Russian disinformation campaigns

Alina Polyakova asks What do Russian disinformation campaigns look like, and how can we protect our elections?: As technological capabilities progress, the threat of political warfare is becoming an even more serious threat to democratic elections. David M. Rubenstein Fellow Alina Polyakova analyzes past disinformation campaigns and political warfare tools employed by hostile foreign actors…

Disinformation Still Rampant

Years have passed, and yet the infection of Russian propaganda to undermine America’s democratic order by spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt still persists. The Committee to Investigate Russia writes Disinformation Still Rampant Two Years Later A new report finds most Twitter accounts that spread disinformation online during the 2016 campaign are alive and well and continuing to share phony…

Hardly New

Hardly new. It was developed to combat the truth being available on the internet in Russia, instead of China-style censorship. Then it was exported against Russian-speaking neighbors and then used globally by 2015. — Garry Kasparov (@Kasparov63) September 9, 2018