Congressman Steve King, But Not Only Steve King…

Bigoted congressman Steve King has lost his committee assignments, should be censured, and truly should leave politics forever.

And yet, and yet, while King should go,  King shouldn’t head for the exit alone:

The condemnations of Mr. King stood in stark contrast to the lawmakers’ willingness to tolerate President Trump’s frequent offensive and insensitive remarks about migrantsblack peopleNative Americans and other minorities.

Just last week, the president used the Oval Office to unleash a blistering assault on undocumented immigrants, portraying them as criminals in a fashion that harked back to an earlier era of American politics but rarely heard from a president in modern times. And on Sunday night, Mr. Trump invoked the Wounded Knee massacre of hundreds of Native Americans as an attempt to joke about Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Via Steve King Removed From Committee Assignments Over White Supremacy Remark.

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