Daily Bread for 1.4.13

Good morning.

It’s a sunny Friday for the Whippet City, with a high of 29.  We’ll have west winds of 10 to 15 mph, 9h 9m of sunlight, 10h 13m of daylight, and tomorrow will be one minute longer.

On 1.4.1785, author Jacob Grimm is born:

On this day, the older of the two Grimm brothers, Jacob, is born in Hanau, Germany. His brother Wilhelm is born the following year.

As young men, the two brothers assisted some friends with research for an important collection of folk lyrics. One of the authors, impressed by the brothers’ work, suggested they publish some of the oral folktales they’d collected. The collection appeared as Children’s and Household Tales, later known as Grimm’s Fairy Tales, in several volumes between 1812 and 1822.

On this day in 1923, Milton College takes a stand against dancing:

1923 – Student Dancing Banned
On this date Milton College president A.E. Whitford banned dancing by students in off-campus, semi-public places such as confectionery stores. [Source: Janesville Gazette]

The Roaring Twenties weren’t roaring everywhere.

Google-a-Day asks a question about auto racing: “The race car driver nicknamed Neiblemeister – master of the mist, was married to what famous female aviator?”

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