Daily Bread for 10.12.11

Good morning.

It’s a rainy day here in Whitewater, with a high temperature of seventy-four. It’s also likely the last seventy-degree day this month. More seasonable temperatures return tomorrow. October will again be…October.

There’s a meeting of Whitewater’s Tech Park Board today, with an agenda available online. Agenda item 10, in closed session, includes consideration of “Potential Building and Conference Room Naming Rights.” Oh, brother: there’s someone who’d pay to have his name associated with this project? That’s too funny.

I’m all in favor: get as much as you can for these rights, and then use the money to start paying back the taxpayers and residents who spent millions in grant money and municipal debt to give CESA 2 a much nicer building.

It won’t be easy, though: most people want to place their names on libraries, schools, and hospitals, but they tend to avoid naming rights for flop houses, clip joints, and speakeasies.

There’s better news elsewhere. A Google doodle – the art that sometimes appears in the place of the search engine’s ordinary logo — today celebrates what would have been Gumby creator Art Clokey‘s birthday. Very sweet.

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