Daily Bread for 10.17.20

Good morning.

Saturday in Whitewater will be mostly cloudy with a high of sixty.  Sunrise is 7:12 AM and sunset 6:07 PM, for 10h 55m 20s of daytime.  The moon is a waxing crescent with 0.8% of its visible disk illuminated.

Today is the one thousand four hundred thirty-ninth day. 

 On this day in 1931, Al Capone is convicted of income tax evasion.

Recommended for reading in full — 

 Matt Wilstein reports Obama [and Reagan] Photographer Pete Souza Exposes Trump’s ‘Obviously’ Staged Pics (‘Pete Souza breaks down what working for Reagan and Obama taught him about Trump’s “disastrous” presidency’):

As soon as Pete Souza saw the photos of President Donald Trump “working” from Walter Reed hospital earlier this month, he knew something was off.

“They were obviously posed pictures,” Souza, who worked as chief White House photographer under both President Barack Obama and President Ronald Reagan, tells me by email a couple of weeks after our longer conversation below about his new documentary The Way I See It, which will premiere commercial-free on MSNBC this Friday night at 10 p.m. ET.

Aside from the seemingly blank sheet of paper Trump can be seen signing in one of the photos, released by the White House in an attempt to prove the president was hard at work, one intrepid reporter determined that another photo, in which Trump is wearing a different outfit, was taken just 10 minutes later.

Comparing them to photos he personally took of Reagan in the hospital after he was shot by a would-be assassin in 1981, Souza says, “The pictures I made of President Reagan in the hospital were authentic and unposed, unstaged photographs.”

Asked why Americans should be outraged about all of the obfuscation by the White House over the reality of Trump’s illness, Souza replies, “I’d pose that question to any of the 215,000 families that have lost a loved one from COVID.”

 Dan Alexander reports Donald Trump Has At Least $1 Billion In Debt, More Than Twice The Amount He Suggested:

No aspect of Donald Trump’s business has been the subject of more speculation than his debt load. Lots of people believe the president owes $400 million, especially after Trump seemed to agree with that figure on national televisionThursday night. In reality, however, he owes more than $1 billion.

The loans are spread out over more than a dozen different assets—hotels, buildings, mansions and golf courses. Most are listed on the financial disclosure report Trump files annually with the federal government. Two, which add up to an estimated $447 million, are not.


One reason for all the confusion: Trump’s loans are not fully transparent. It’s still unclear to whom he owes an estimated $162 million against his skyscraper in San Francisco, for example. The loan against 1290 Avenue of the Americas is also something of a mystery. And it’s difficult to pin down the amount the president owes on a loan tied to his Bedford, New York, mansion. When asked about all of this, the Trump Organization did not respond.

 Video from Space – Highlights for the Week of Oct.11, 2020:

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