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Daily Bread for 10.5.12

Good morning.

Whitewater’s week ends with a mostly sunny day, and a high of fifty-three.

On this day in 1947, Pres. Truman delivered the first televised address from the White House:

President Harry Truman (1884-1972) makes the first-ever televised presidential address from the White House, asking Americans to cut back on their use of grain in order to help starving Europeans. At the time of Truman’s food-conservation speech, Europe was still recovering from World War II and suffering from famine. Truman, the 33rd commander in chief, worried that if the U.S. didn’t provide food aid, his administration’s Marshall Plan for European economic recovery would fall apart. He asked farmers and distillers to reduce grain use and requested that the public voluntarily forgo meat on Tuesdays, eggs and poultry on Thursdays and save a slice of bread each day. The food program was short-lived, as ultimately the Marshall Plan succeeded in helping to spur economic revitalization and growth in Europe.

On this day in 1846, Wisconsin’s first state constitutional convention met:

1846 – First State Constitutional Convention Meets
On this date Wisconsin’s first state Constitutional Convention met in Madison. The Convention sat until December 16,1846. The Convention was attended by 103 Democrats and 18 Whigs. The proposed constitution failed when voters refused to accept several controversial issues: an anti-banking article, a homestead exemption (which gave $1000 exemption to any debtor), providing women with property rights, and black suffrage. The following convention, the Second Constituitional Convention of Wisconsin in 1847-48, produced and passed a constitution that Wisconsin still very much follows today. [Source:The Convention of 1846 edited Milo M. Quaife]

For today’s daily puzzle from Google, some chemistry: “What is produced when the element discovered by Joseph Priestly reacts with the metal manufactured by his “mad” brother-in-law?”

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