Daily Bread for 2-1-11

Good morning,

It’s a snowy and windy day for Whitewater, with a high temperature of twenty three.

There’s a common council meeting scheduled for tonight, at 6:30 p.m. The agenda is available online.

Update: this council meeting will now take place at 6:30 on February 1st 7th due to snowy weather.

There are, even now, many new discoveries to be made. Over at Wired, there’s a story, entitled, That Ain’t No Jackal: New African Wolf Species Identified, that describes one of those discoveries:

Conservationists in Egypt have discovered a new species of wolf, which shares DNA with Indian and Himalayan cousins.

The “Egyptian jackal”, as it’s known, is not in fact a jackal at all, despite the visual similarities it bears to another local species, the golden jackal. The discovery sheds light on how wolf species migrated through Africa and Europe – proving that grey wolves emerged in Africa about 3 million years before they spread to the northern hemisphere.

Scrawny but still a wolf

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