Daily Bread for 3.7.23: Whitewater’s Next Candidate Forums on 3.11 and 3.19

Good morning.

Tuesday in Whitewater will be partly cloudy with a high of 45. Sunrise is 6:19 AM and sunset 5:52 PM for 11h 33m 05s of daytime. The moon is full with 100% of its visible disk illuminated.

The Whitewater Common Council meets at 6:30 PM

 On this day in 1900, the German liner SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse becomes the first ship to send wireless signals to shore.

Whitewater having come through the February primary in one piece, we’ve now a general election in April, for contested positions on the Whitewater Unified School District’s board and for Whitewater’s municipal court.

There will be community forums for both contests:

 For the six school board candidates (Thayer Coburn, Stephanie Hicks, Lisa Huempfner, Joe Kromholz, Christy Linse, and Chuck Mills) vying for three seats, on Saturday, March 11, at Whitewater’s Municipal Building, 312 W. Whitewater St., at 10 AM. 

 For the municipal court, with two candidates (Patrick Taylor, Art Coleman) vying for one seat, on Sunday, March 19, at the Whitewater Municipal Building, at 1 PM.

Having come through the February primary ‘in one piece’: that description only bears mentioning because these last years have left some rattled, ridiculous, and retrograde. The serious and sensible have an obligation to themselves and to this community to remain practical. See Demand High at Food Pantries. 

(For this libertarian blogger’s own assessment of local priorities, see What Ails, What Heals.)

Japan’s next-generation H3 rocket self-destructs after liftoff due to engine failure:

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