Daily Bread for 5.29.22: Gableman Gets Trolled. How Could It Be Otherwise?

Good morning.

Sunday in Whitewater will be partly sunny with a high of 84. Sunrise is 5:20 AM and sunset 8:24 PM for 15h 04m 43s of daytime.  The moon is a waning crescent with 0.7% of its visible disk illuminated.

On this day in 1848, Wisconsin enters the Union: “Wisconsin became the 30th state to enter the Union with an area of 56,154 square miles, comprising 1/56 of the United States at the time. Its nickname, the “Badger State,” was not in reference to the fierce animal but to miners who spent their winters in the state, living in dugouts and burrowing much like a badger.”

YouTube | Office of the Special Counsel

Patrick Marley reports Michael Gableman asked for tips to help him find voter fraud. The public responded by trolling him:

MADISON – When Wisconsin Republicans asked the public to report concerns about the 2020 election, voters flocked to the web to submit tips — often about the very officials conducting the probe.

“There is a very disturbed man ranting like a lunatic and telling provable lies about the election in order to undermine election integrity,” one person wrote in April. “Not only that, he’s stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayers by pretending to do a legitimate investigation. This is fraud at the highest levels and he literally advocated nullifying the votes of Wisconsin. Please stop this flagrant fraud asap.”

The submission was similar to dozens of others filed over the last year that taunt Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of Rochester and former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman for budgeting $676,000 for a review of a presidential election that recounts, court decisions and independent studies have concluded was properly called for Joe Biden.

Well done, Wisconsin, so very well done.

The first wave of urban robots is here:

The robot takeover is here — and it’s kinda cute.

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1 year ago

And now…Vos hasn’t ruled out appointing Mad-Mike G. to the state elections commission. I won’t be all that surprised if he does, as his right flank is taking significant incoming. This whole election investigation has gone way beyond parody. Is Gableman a dem plant? His regular, repeated, and effective humiliation of Vos (all good things) makes me wonder just what his lever over Vos is.

Were I Vos, which I am not and never will be, I would emulate the late, un-revered, US house speaker, the Wisco-Kid, and just say to myself: “I don’t need this shit anymore!” and go back to popping corn for a living.

Reply to  JOHN ADAMS
1 year ago

FireFox works great, although I miss the former theme.

RE: wives. Integer arithmetic, although easier on computer resources, isn’t appropriate when describing Vos’ marriages. As I recall #3 was #2.5 at one point.