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Daily Bread for 6.1.21

Good morning.

Tuesday in Whitewater will be partly sunny with a high of 78. Sunrise is 5:18 AM and sunset 8:27 PM, for 15h 08m 55s of daytime.  The moon is a waning gibbous with 59% of its visible disk illuminated.

Whitewater’s Common Council meets at 6:30 PM.

On this day in 1918, Allied forces under John J. Pershing and James Harbord are victorious at the Battle of Belleau Wood over Imperial German Forces under Wilhelm, German Crown Prince.

Recommended for reading in full — 

 Bridgit Bowden reports District Attorney Races In Wisconsin Are Often Uncontested:

In 2020, only seven of the state’s 71 district attorney seats were contested — four in the November general election, and three in the partisan primary. (Menominee and Shawano counties share a district attorney).

In Price County, there wasn’t even anyone officially on the ballot, leaving the race to be decided by write-in votes.

The lack of competition is not a new phenomenon, and not surprising to most people who work in the legal field. However, criminal justice experts from both prosecution and defense backgrounds, as well as reform advocates told WPR that the justice system as a whole would benefit from more competition because district attorney is such an important office.

Their decisions can directly affect incarceration rates and can make or break criminal justice reform efforts in areas like low-level drug offenses, treatment court programs and parole and probation violations, according to reform advocates.

 Michael D. Shear and Zolan Kanno-Youngs report Biden Aims to Rebuild and Expand Legal Immigration:

A 46-page draft blueprint obtained by The New York Times maps out the Biden administration’s plans to significantly expand the legal immigration system, including methodically reversing the efforts to dismantle it by former President Donald J. Trump, who reduced the flow of foreign workers, families and refugees, erecting procedural barriers tougher to cross than his “big, beautiful wall.”

Because of Mr. Trump’s immigration policies, the average time it takes to approve employer-sponsored green cards has doubled. The backlog for citizenship applications is up 80 percent since 2014, to more than 900,000 cases. Approval for the U-visa program, which grants legal status for immigrants willing to help the police, has gone from five months to roughly five years.

In almost every case over the last four years, immigrating to the United States has become harder, more expensive and takes longer.

 Mike Allen writes QAnon infects churches:

QAnon conspiracy theories have burrowed so deeply into American churches that pastors are expressing alarm — and a new poll shows the bogus teachings have become as widespread as some denominations.

Why it matters: The problem with misinformation and disinformation is that people — lots of people — believe it. And they don’t believe reality coming from the media and even their ministers.

Russell Moore, one of America’s most respected evangelical Christian thinkers, told me he’s “talking literally every day to pastors, of virtually every denomination, who are exhausted by these theories blowing through their churches or communities.”


The poll found that Hispanic Protestants (26%) and white evangelical Protestants (25%) were more likely to agree with the QAnon philosophies than other groups. (Black Protestants were 15%, white Catholics were 11% and white mainline Protestants were 10%.)

(Not all denominations are affected equally; some are more susceptible than others.)

Tonight’s Sky for June:

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