Daily Bread for 7.13.13 | FREE WHITEWATER

Daily Bread for 7.13.13

Good morning.

It’s a lovely day in store for Whitewater, with sunny skies and a high of eighty-seven.

Someone sent me a video of a small dog eating a watermelon, and I’ve embedded the video below. At least, I think it’s a dog: it’s small, extremely fluffy, and looks much (perhaps, too much) like a plush toy, from my way of thinking. Still, I’ll concede that he is moderately cute, and undeniably happy while enjoying his snack.

On this day in 1787, Congress establishes the Northwest Territory:


1787 – Northwest Territory Established
On this date the Northwest Ordinance was passed by the Continental Congress. The ordinance provided for the administration of the territories and set rules for admission as a state. The Northwest territory included land west of Pennsylvania and Northwest of the Ohio River, which encompassed present day Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, parts of Minnesota and of course Wisconsin. [Source: Indiana Historical Bureau]

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