Daily Bread for 7.15.19

Good morning.

Monday in Whitewater will be partly sunny with a high of eighty-seven.  Sunrise is 5:30 AM and sunset 8:31 PM, for 15h 00m 37s of daytime.  The moon is a waxing gibbous with 98.2% of its visible disk illuminated.
Today is the nine hundred seventy-ninth day.
Whitewater’s Library Board meets at 6:30 PM.  Whitewater’s School Board meets at 7 PM.  (See also Changes at Whitewater Middle School from FREE WHITEWATER on 7.11.19.)
On this day in 2006, Twitter launches.

Recommended for reading in full:

 Craig Gilbert reports Former Gov. Scott Walker to take the helm of conservative group, says he won’t run for office in 2022:

Former Gov. Scott Walker has accepted a full-time position running a national conservative youth organization based in northern Virginia.

Walker said the move rules out a run for his old job or any other political office in the next few years.

“This would preclude me from running for governor in this next cycle or running for the U.S. Senate if Ron Johnson’s seat is open,” Walker said in an interview with the Journal Sentinel.

He said he is “absolutely thrilled” with his coming role as president of the Young America’s Foundation, a group that works to promote and popularize conservative ideas among young people.

Walker said he will not assume his full-time position until the beginning of 2021, when the group’s current president steps down after more than 40 years. He said his agreement with the organization is to serve at least four years.

The former governor said he will look for a residence in northern Virginia or Washington, D.C., but will also maintain one in Wisconsin.

Walker said he is announcing the move now in part to let potential candidates interested in Wisconsin’s governor or Senate seats know he won’t be competing for either of those two offices. One of those two posts is currently held by a member of Walker’s party, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, but Johnson hasn’t announced his plans, saying he might seek a third Senate term, run for governor or return to private life in 2022.

“Starting January 2021, this will be full-time,” Walker said of his new job. “I won’t be engaged in anything else. This will be my sole occupation.”

(Goodbye & good riddance to the creator of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, likely the least effective and most corrupt development agency of any state in the country.

All the while, the WEDC became the model for dozens of small-town copies of the same, littered with schemers, third-tier public relations men, and others of that unworthy ilk.  See also Three Fundamental Failures: Employment, Income, and Poverty and Reported Family Poverty in Whitewater Increased Over the Last Decade.)

 Thomas Jefferson: The First Foodie of America

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3 years ago

Walker seems to be working the wingnut welfare circuit hard. A man’s gotta eat…

First there was his $25,000/gig motivational speaking career. I assume that would involve doing rubber-chicken dinners for various trade organizations, where he would inspire the attendees to succeed in biz like he did in politics. There must not have been a lot of demand for his services. I’m unsurprised.

Then there was the job promoting Gerrymandering for all. We’ve not heard much about that, lately, either. Perhaps he will still do this while at YAF, for a hobby.

I’ve not heard much about YAF in a while. In my youth, in the 60’s, they were a fire-breathing, anti-civil-rights, pro-Vietnam-war campus radical-right organization. It will be interesting to see what Walker does with them.

Wisconsin is done with Walker, and he wisely understands that. We could only hope that he runs for Governor or Senator again. I kind of miss his unctuous delusions of grandeur. Perhaps he is keeping his powder dry for another run at President.

How long will he last at YAF? I expect the NRA will be looking for new leadership, soon. That would be a dream job for him…