Daily Bread for 8.11.19

Good morning.

Sunday in Whitewater will see scattered thundershowers with a daytime high of eighty.  Sunrise is 5:57 AM and sunset 8:02 PM, for 14h 04m 40s of daytime.  The moon is a waxing gibbous with 86% of its visible disk illuminated.
Today is the one thousand sixth day.

On this day in 1919, the Green Bay Packers are founded.

Recommended for reading in full:

David Frum observes The Shame and Disgrace Will Linger:

Today [8.10], President Trump accused his predecessor, Bill Clinton—or possibly his 2016 campaign opponent, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—of complicity in the death of the accused sex-trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein

Many seem to have responded with a startled shrug. What do you expect? It’s just Trump letting off steam on Twitter.

Reactions to actions by Trump are always filtered through the prism of the ever-more-widely accepted view—within his administration, within Congress, within the United States and around the world—that the 45th president is a reckless buffoon, a conspiratorial racist moron, whose weird comments should be disregarded by sensible people.


The certainty that Trump will descend ever deeper into sub-basements of “new lows” after this new low should not numb us to its newness and lowness.

Neither the practical impediments to impeachment and the Twenty-Fifth Amendment process, nor the foibles and failings of the candidates running to replace him, efface the fact that this presidency shames and disgraces the office every minute of every hour of every day. And even when it ends, however it ends, the shame will stain it still.

Joshua Partlow and David A. Fahrenthold report How a Trump construction crew has relied on immigrants without legal status:

For nearly two decades, the Trump Organization has relied on a roving crew of Latin American employees to build fountains and waterfalls, sidewalks and rock walls at the company’s winery and its golf courses from New York to Florida.

Other employees at Trump clubs were so impressed by the laborers — who did strenuous work with heavy stone — that they nicknamed them “Los Picapiedras,” Spanish for “the Flintstones.”

For years, their ranks have included workers who entered the United States illegally, according to two former members of the crew. Another employee, still with the company, said that remains true today.

President Trump “doesn’t want undocumented people in the country,” said one worker, Jorge Castro, a 55-year-old immigrant from Ecuador without legal status who left the company in April after nine years. “But at his properties, he still has them.”

While the Trump family benefits from undocumented workers at their properties, Trump uses federal power to torment undocumented workers and their families in other parts of the country:

Adam Serwer is right to contend that cruelty is the point; this is a policy by the worst for the worst.

America will need an accounting of those who used the state power in this way, down to the last person. We are, fortunately, an advanced society in which records are easily compiled.

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