Daily Bread for 8.21.13

Good morning.

Midweek in Whitewater will be mostly sunny, with a high of eighty-eight.

Today at 1 PM, at the Starin Park Community Building, there will be a free showing of the award-winning film, No. It’s the story of an actual advertising campaign against dictator Augusto Pinochet in 1988.

In the early 1970s, with the technology of that time, NASA thought about a manned flyby around Venus. In What might have been: Visiting Mars and Venus with Apollo-era hardware, Amy Shira Teitel tells the tale:

Imagine three astronauts, 125 million miles from the Earth, talking to Mission Control with a four-minute time lag. They have seen nothing out their windows but stars in the blackness of space for the last 150 days. With a carefully timed burn, they slow into orbit around Venus, and as they loop around the planet, they get their first look at its thick cloud layer just 7,000 miles below.

It might sound like the plot of a science fiction movie, but in the late 1960s, NASA investigated missions that would send humans to Venus and Mars using Apollo-era technology. These missions would fly in the 1970s and 1980s to capitalize on what many expected would be a surge of interest in manned spaceflight after the Apollo lunar landings. They would be daring missions, but they would also be feasible with what was on hand….


The proposed Venus spacecraft, with the Apollo CSM at right and the ESM/S-IVB at left.

Puzzability‘s current series is entitled, Silent Partners:

“Can we get a little piece and quiet around here? For each day this week, we started with a word and added the letters SH to the beginning to get a new word. The two-word answer phrase, described by each day’s clue, is the shorter word followed by the SH word.”

Hands out portions of green onions

Allots shallots

What to Submit:
Submit the phrase, with the SH word second (as “Allots shallots” in the example), for your answer.

Wednesday, August 21:

Little movement indicating that a cow is cold while being milked

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