Daily Bread for 9.3.16

Good morning, Whitewater.

Saturday in town will be mostly sunny with a high of seventy-seven. Sunrise is 6:23 AM and sunset is 7:24 PM, for 13h 01m 05s of daytime. The moon is a waxing crescent with 4.5% of its visible disk illuminated.

On this day in 1783, representatives of America and Britain sign the Treaty of Paris, formally ending the Revolutionary War:

800px-Treaty_of_Paris_1783_-_last_page_(hi-res)The Treaty of Paris, signed in Paris by representatives of King George III of Great Britain and representatives of theUnited States of America on September 3, 1783, ended the American Revolutionary War. Britain acknowledged the United States to be sovereign and independent. The treaty set the boundaries between the British Empire and the new country, on lines “exceedingly generous” to the United States.[2] Details included fishing rights and restoration of property and prisoners of war.

This treaty, along with the separate peace treaties between Great Britain and the nations that supported the American cause—France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic—are known collectively as the Peace of Paris.[3][4]

….Historians have often commented that the treaty was very generous to the United States in terms of greatly enlarged boundaries. Historians such as Alvord, Harlow, and Ritcheson have emphasized that British generosity was based on a statesmanlike vision of close economic ties between Britain and the United States. The concession of the vast trans-Appalachian region was designed to facilitate the growth of the American population and create lucrative markets for British merchants, without any military or administrative costs to Britain.[14] The point was the United States would become a major trading partner. As the French foreign ministerVergennes later put it, “The English buy peace rather than make it”.[15] Vermont was included within the boundaries because the state of New York insisted that Vermont was a part of New York, although Vermont was then under a government that considered Vermont not to be a part of the United States.[16]

On this day in 1970, Coach Lombardi passes away:

On this date famed Green Bay Packer coach, Vince Lombardi, died at the age of 57. Lombardi played college football at Fordham, where he was one of the legendary “Seven Blocks of Granite.” Lombardi served as coach and general manager for the Green Bay Packers from 1959 to 1967. He directed the team to five NFL championships in seven years (1961-62 and 1965-67). His 1966 and 1967 teams also made history by winning the first two Super Bowls.

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