Daily Bread for 9.9.19

Good morning.

Monday in Whitewater will see scattered showers with a high of seventy-two.  Sunrise is 6:28 AM and sunset 7:14 PM, for 12h 46m 09s of daytime.  The moon is a waxing gibbous with 81.2% of its visible disk illuminated.
Today is the one thousand thirty-fifth day.

Whitewater’s Planning Commission meets at 6 PM and the Whitewater Unified School Board at 7 PM

On this day in 1956, Elvis Presley first appears on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Recommended for reading in full:

David Daley writes of The Secret Files of the Master of Modern Republican Gerrymandering:

Thomas Hofeller preached secrecy as he remapped American politics from the shadows. The Republican Party operative, known as the master of the modern gerrymander, trained other G.O.P. operatives and legislators nationwide to secure their computer networks, guard access to their maps, and never send e-mails that they didn’t want to see published by the news media. In training sessions for state legislators and junior line drawers, he used a PowerPoint presentation that urged them to “avoid recklessness” and “always be discreet,” and warned that “emails are the tool of the devil.”

Hofeller did not follow his own advice. Before his death, in August, 2018, he saved at least seventy thousand files and several years of e-mails. A review of those records and e-mails—which were recently obtained first by The New Yorker—raises new questions about whether Hofeller unconstitutionally used race data to draw North Carolina’s congressional districts, in 2016. They also suggest that Hofeller was deeply involved in G.O.P. mapmaking nationwide, and include new trails for more potential lawsuits challenging Hofeller’s work, similar to the one on Wednesday which led to the overturning of his state legislative maps in North Carolina.

Hofeller’s files include dozens of intensely detailed studies of North Carolina college students, broken down by race and cross-referenced against the state driver’s-license files to determine whether these students likely possessed the proper I.D. to vote. The studies are dated 2014 and 2015, the years before Hofeller helped Republicans in the state redraw its congressional districts in ways that voting-rights groups said discriminated on the basis of race. North Carolina Republicans said that the maps discriminated based on partisanship but not race. Hofeller’s hard drive also retained a map of North Carolina’s 2017 state judicial gerrymander, with an overlay of the black voting-age population by district, suggesting that these maps—which are currently at the center of a protracted legal battle—might also be a racial gerrymander.

Riccardo Torres reports Louis Woo, a top Foxconn exec, stepping down to address ‘some personal matters’:

Foxconn executive Louis Woo has “relinquished his project responsibilities to focus on addressing some personal matters,” the company confirmed to The Journal Times.

Woo has been one of the major faces for the Foxconn Technology Group in Wisconsin and its development in Mount Pleasant. Woo also served as a special assistant to Foxconn founder and former Chairman Terry Gou before Gou decided to step down from the day-to-day operations to run what ended up being an unsuccessful campaign to become president of Taiwan.

Apple’s Secret Keynote Formula, Explained:

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