Daily Bread for Whitewater, Wisconsin: 11-2-10

Good morning,

Today’s forecast calls for a sunny day with a high temperature of fifty-two degrees.

At Lakeview School tonight, there’s a PTA meeting at 6 p.m.

It’s election day in America, but the New York Times recalls another election day, from 1976: Carter Victor In Tight Race; Ford Loses New York State; Democrats Retain Congress.

Jimmy Carter won the nation’s Bicentennial Presidential election yesterday, narrowly defeating President Ford by sweeping his native South and adding enough Northern industrial states to give him a bare electoral vote majority.

Three of the closely contested battleground states slipped into Mr. Carter’s column shortly after midnight–New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. The President-designate lost New Jersey and Michigan, Mr. Ford’s home state, while Ohio, Illinois and California were still up for grabs.

New York teetered between the rivals for hours, contrary to all expectations, before delivering a small majority to Mr. Carter–a majority that gave the Democrat a bonanza of 41 electoral votes.

All that seems far more than a generation ago.

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