Dallas teen missing since 2010 was deported to Colombia

Some of the same gentlemen who campaign on the need for small government are willing to support aggressive federal immigration enforcement. Their confidence in the efficiency and fairness of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is absurdly misplaced:

There are still many unanswered questions about how an African-American girl who speaks no Spanish is mistaken for a foreign national. Immigration officials are investigating and released a statement late Tuesday.

ICE agents took fingerprints, but apparently never checked them before deporting Jakadrien Turner to Colombia, a place from which she has no ancestry.

Here one finds a level of carelessness and mediocrity unworthy of public funding or support. Even more startling is that this fourteen-year old American was accepted as a twenty-two year-old Colombian woman.

There are people who live their whole lives not half so negligent as the officials who deported this girl.

Yet, there are those far – and near – who would expand government authority to detain and deport. This expansion rests on a foolish confidence in government.