Friday Poll: Baboon v. Human

A girl and her family visiting a zoo in North Carolina learned that baboons can throw objects with surprising accuracy. See, The shocking moment young girl has POOP thrown in her face by agitated baboon at North Carolina zoo @ Daily Mail. (The video includes vulgar language after family realizes what’s just happened.)

I’ve set this poll so that respondents have to choose between the baboon and the human: there’s no middle ground in a confrontation so epic, so titanic, as this one.

What do you think?

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Ayn Rand
4 years ago

Don’t tease the animals!

4 years ago

That kid was asking for trouble.

Dr. X
4 years ago

Parents should have told her not to make weird gestures. Looks like she threw something into the cage also.

4 years ago

Looks like the family put its own misconduct on YouTube. That’s so stupid. Kind of like stupid enough to tease a crap throwing ape. Guess if you do one, you do the other.

4 years ago

Kid gets hit with monkey crap and one of the guys is worried about his SHIRT!
Priorities pal, priorities.

The Phantom Stranger
4 years ago

…not a fan of wild animals forced into captivity for our amusement. Zoos, aquariums, etc.

4 years ago

I agree.This doesn’t even look like much of a zoo.It looks small with an artificial habitat and cheap chain link fence!