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Friday Poll: The Owl-Chaser’s Accident

In Tukwila, Washington, a driver told police that he crashed his car into a utility poll because he was chasing an owl. The driver hadn’t been drinking (and likely neither had the owl). The motorist wasn’t charged with an offense. What do you think of the motorist’s explanation: understandable or insufficient?

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Ayn Rand
5 years ago

If he saw the owl, then was it a SPOTTED owl? 😉

The Phantom Stranger
5 years ago

Car 54, Where Are You..?

5 years ago

that driver was lucky he didn’t get hit with inattentive driving!

5 years ago

It was in the State of W ashington .we know what he was on !!!

5 years ago

Wonder if people knew they guy so he got a break?Plus yeah, he might have been smoking or drinking.Those owls could have been all in his confused mind.