Gazette Endorses Rep. Andy Jorgensen in 43rd Assembly Race

In today’s Janesville Gazette, one finds that the paper endorses Andy Jorgensen for the 43rd Assembly District. That’s a change from the 2010 election, when Wynn received the paper’s endorsement.

The endorsement is in the print edition; I’d encourage readers to purchase a copy to read the full text. Here’s just a part, that describes Jorgensen well:

He might be the most accessible lawmaker we’ve ever seen. He attends many local functions. He wants to be known as someone who’s always there to listen, and it shows. He has held more than 500 listening sessions, some of which spurred ideas for legislation, including ways to help small businesses.

‘I don’t have all the answers, ‘ he says, ‘but a lot of these people do have good ideas. Why not listen?’

The Gazette observes that “Jorgensen is smart, sincere, enthusiastic and full of energy. He has proven himself a capable lawmaker.”

True, all around.

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