Hiring a District Administrator

Over the next few days, Whitewater’s school board will interview candidates for district administrator.  For the district, these last several years have been relatively tranquil if fiscally difficult. I’ve observed that, as against other districts, we have been fortunate to avoid the labor-management tension that has plagued too many districts. (‘One or more’ would be the correct definition of too many.)

And yet, and yet, this question presents itself: Is recent administrative practice a suitable model for future administrative policy?  Should we keep doing merely what we have been doing?

Old Whitewater – a state of mind rather than a person or age bracket – loves nothing so much as stability, even if it should be the stability of mediocrity.  (That Leslie Steinhaus received two contractual terms as administrator confirms my contention.) 

In the coverage of this hiring decision, we are sure to hear all one could want, and more, concerning who, yet the most  pressing concerns will always be what and how.