Innovation Center Offers a Seminar on How to Go Out of Business

Nutty, but true: the Innovation Center – the Disappointment that Keeps on Disappointing™ – is apparently offering a program entitled, “What you Will Need to Know When You are Ready (or Not) to Sell Your Business.”

It’s part of – wait for it – the Center’s ‘Elements of Success‘ series.

Honest to goodness, for all the talk about marketing the town – about a comprehensive marketing plan – one would think that a seminar on getting out, folding, quitting, cashing in, giving up, etc., would not be a PR man’s first topic choice.

Chancellor Tefler, in particular, repeatedly & laughably hails his multi-million-dollar boondoggle as a great success.

Forget their ill-considered seminar.

There are opportunities to grow, build, and expand in Whitewater, and they’ll come in places wholly unconnected to a publicly-funded Tech Park and so-called Innovation Center.

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