Local Portents on Addressing the Coronavirus

The Whitewater Unified School District, like every other district in the area, has choices to exercise about holding classes during this pandemic. The district recently sent an email link to a survey soliciting parents’ views, and the new district administrator and veteran school board will soon have important decisions to make.

Over in the Jefferson School District, local reporting tells the tale of that community’s sentiments — Survey: yes to face-to-face instruction, maybe on protections:

The upshot: Most families are eager to return to face-to-face instruction, but opinions are mixed on what kind of protections should be put in place to keep students and staff members safe while the pandemic still is ongoing.

One might think that the combination of face-to-face instruction without definite (and enforced) public health protocols would be a mistake, but there’s no surprise that this is likely to be the view in most school districts nearby.

The greater surprise would be if a school district in this area adopted policies that were firmly in line with the best national and state public health guidance.

A reasonable guess: some parents will find that their school districts teach science rather than practice it.

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