One Year

For all the discussion of politics over these last three years, America now comes to a critical year ahead. In these next twelve months, we’ll see primaries, conventions, a general election, and thereafter possible challenges to, and necessary defenses of, the constitutional order.

When was there another year so important to America as 2020 looks to be? Perhaps 1864, or before that 1776.

There have been significant losses these last three years, but graciously some gains that offer hope for the future.

These losses – and they have been grievous – have reached all parts of America, affecting millions, and threatening countless more, at home and abroad. A loss to Trumpism would leave nothing unsoiled. Even the smallest and most beautiful places, like Whitewater, would be stained.

Those scheming political men in Whitewater who have for years encouraged the antecedents of Trumpism deserve now only opposition; those other political men who have carried on with heads down and eyes averted deserve no deference. People choose freely — sometimes well and sometimes poorly. Those in Trump’s thrall, and those who have claimed a futile neutrality, have chosen poorly.

There is something profoundly ridiculous about men who hungrily strive for small things while ignoring large things. 

Other years will follow this one; the conditions in those years will depend greatly on our commitment in this year.



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