Pip the Pug

Pip the Pug is not merely one of the smallest dogs in Britain, but likely in all the world:

Meet Pip, the tiny pug who at just four inches high is one of the smallest dogs in the UK.

At four months old, she weighs only 1lbs 4 ounces – about the same as a bag of sugar.

The miniature pet is so small it can fit into a gravy boat and on long walks will travel around in her owner’s handbag….

Joanne [Astley], 54, decided to start breeding pugs last year, and was delighted when two-year-old Ruby gave birth to a litter of four in January.

But her delight soon turned to shock when she realised that one of the puppies was half the size of the others.

Joanne said: ‘I couldn’t believe it – she was just so tiny.

‘We took her to the vet, but they said that she was fine, apart from a cleft lip, and is just small.

‘We love our little Pip so much – I thought she was going to grow up quickly, but she’s stayed so little.

‘Pip’s about half the size of her sister.’

Mother-of-four Joanne and gas engineer partner Steve Madelin, 56, decided to keep tiny Pip and one of her sisters, Poppy.

Pip, a purebred pug, is almost exactly half the size a four-month-old pug pup should be.

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