Hear or Read the Whistleblower Complaint

Embedded below are the whistleblower complaint and an audio version, read aloud as though it were an ebook:

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4 years ago

I’m at a loss to understand the whole “Trump moved the actual word-for-word transcripts to a different server! They are gone for good!” panic.

What this whole issue suggests is that there are actual word-for-word transcripts, and they exist somewhere on a secure server, along, apparently, with other sensitive/incriminating call transcripts. That they exist means that they can be retrieved. Ya don’t even have to do any cryptology to do it. All you need is access to the server and the password. Trump will fight like hell to not turn them over, but they are not actually in his control, and, as Nixon found out, when they eventually surface, that they are highly likely to kick Trump, Pence, Barr and “America’s Mayor” smack in their respective crotches.

Trump has to be ashen-faced over the possibility of the actual transcripts getting out of the box, considering the crimes he admitted to, and fingered his henchmen for, in the redacted memo, are enuf to impeach him. Just imagine what goodies he is hiding… Schiff is a really smart guy, and a ruthless prosecutor, so he has undoubtedly got subpoenas for said materials all drawn up and in his back pocket. I have the feeling that the fight to get those transcripts will be the defining bout of the impeachment. This will go all the way to the SC, and we are about to see what John Roberts is made of. We are also about to find out which side the spooks are on. The whistleblower (apparently) being pretty senior CIA gives a hint of what might come down. He/she got more done in 3 days than Mueller got done in a year…

There will be a lot of dust thrown in the air about how these transcripts are not actual recordings, but rather machine translations, so therefore invalid as evidence. Don’t buy it. I’ve worked in the machine translation biz, and it works pretty well. It works particularly well if the speaker is familiar to the translation software. The software is “trained” by a human monitoring the real-time word-to-text translation and making corrections to the text based on what the human heard, and the machine may have garbled. The machine learns from this what mispronunciations actually mean, and also deals with accents and verbal tic mis-translations. After a while of listening and correcting the same speaker, the translation software does a really high-fidelity transcription. Even Siri does a pretty good job on your cell-phone. Just imagine what the NSA can do with some of the largest computers on the planet…

I find it implausible that actual recordings don’t exist of Trump and Zelensky. Recall that the NSA admitted to us that they record everything. You can bet the Ukrainians have a recording, too. I’ve thought for some time that when the spooks turn on Trump, he’s toast. They now, apparently, have turned on him, and he is real close to being crispy. It’s their server that he stashed the goodies on, and the spooks now have Trump by the short-hairs. They could have an unfortunate “data-breach” whenever it seems strategic to do so. Just having that hanging over his head may drive Trump to resignation.

Other shoes will drop…