Reason’s May 2010 Nanny of the Month (Raw Milk Edition )

I’ve contended that Wisconsin residents should be able to buy and drink raw milk produced in America’s Dairyland. Sadly, even that’s not legal for consumers. Wisconsin Governor Doyle, under pressure from dairy industry lobbyists and their regulation-loving allies, vetoed legislation that would have made limited raw milk sales possible. See, Wisconsin Governor Doyle as a Dairyland Nanny.

It’s not just a prohibition imposed on Wisconsinites; a federal government lawyer, seeking to prevent interstate raw milk sales, contends that Americans have no fundamental right to eat the foods of their choice.

It’s true. Here’s a clip presenting the May 2010 Nanny of the Month.

From the accompanying caption:

Got milk? Only if Uncle Sam allows it.

Runners-up for’s Nanny of the Month for May 2010 features a proposed ban on drive-through restaurants in the hometown of In-And-Out Burgers, one of America’s most beloved drive-through restaurants, and the mayor of Kure Beach, North Carolina, whose got his undies in a bunch over thong bikinis.

But there can be only one Nanny of the Month and this time it goes to the federal lawyer who wants to give raw milk drinkers a raw deal, and who really, truly believes that Uncle Sam can control what you shove in your pie hole.

Presenting’s Nanny of the Month for May 2010: U.S. Attorney Stephanie Rose!

Link: Reason’s Nanny of the Month: May 2010

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