Rep. Justin Amash Does Right by Constituents

There’s a theory that a Republican cannot attend a town hall in a climate of protest – one hears endless excuses on why they cannot attend in-person events. Republican Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan proves all this false: one can easily attend and manage angry constituents if one is clear in one’s views and welcoming of dissent:

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan congressman is embracing the town halls that many of his Republican counterparts have avoided as people lash out at President Donald Trump’s early actions and the planned repeal of the federal health care law.

“It’s my duty to be here,” Rep. Justin Amash, 36, said Thursday after taking pointed questions for 90 minutes during a raucous session inside a gymnasium in Battle Creek, 110 miles west of Detroit.

He will host another town hall on Saturday, his fourth in nearly six weeks, and promises more in the future.

The events are earning Amash, one of Trump’s most prominent GOP critics, some respect from angry Democrats who vehemently oppose many of the congressman’s stances but credit him for listening to his constituents rather than ducking them.

Others “don’t have the guts to come and take the heat like Justin Amash just did,” said Deborah Look, 60, a retired special education teacher from Battle Creek who participated in the town meeting. She said when Amash tweeted “Dude, just stop” last month after Trump’s criticism of legendary civil rights activist John Lewis, it “gave me hope.”

Via Unlike colleagues, Michigan congressman embraces town halls (David Eggert of the Associated Press).

There’s sometime both sad and laughable about those who make excuses for politicians who cannot attend meetings like this in person – Republican Justin Amash shows how one can – and should – conduct oneself.

Anything less is unworthy of the office.

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