Sen. Harris and the Fight Ahead

Sen. Kamala Harris of California suspended her campaign today, and has effectively left the 2020 presidential race. I’ve been a supporter of hers, and so consider her departure from the race unfortunate for her party (of which I am not a member) and for the country.

There are those who will now say – as I have heard some say to me directly – that Harris was not moderate enough, conventional enough, or familiar enough. What I said in reply then remains my view now: moderate enough, conventional enough, and familiar enough have failed this society. They’ve brought us to the lamentable present.

One cannot say what twists lie ahead to find a major-party candidate to oppose Trump. Needless to say, it is that opposition on which this republic depends. There is no circumstance in which another major-party candidate would not be superior to Trump. I will, of course, support that opposing candidate.

Doubtless Harris will play a role in the fight ahead, and so many others – even in small and rural places – will do our part in that difficult yet noble effort.

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