The 2014 Wisconsin Spring Primary

Results from the Wisconsin Spring Primary are, mostly, now in.  

In Whitewater.  I’ve commented on this race in email and online. The unofficial results (Binnie 152, Yvarra 30, Meyer 26) in the top-two primary show a marked gap between the incumbent and his challengers. In a primary that awarded the race to a candidate with a majority from among all votes cast, the race would now be decided.  

That’s not our law, of course, and there will be a Spring General Election, about six weeks from now, on April 1st.  There are other uncontested council races on the ballot (incumbents Phil Frawley, Ken Kidd, and Stephanie Abbott) at that time.     

It will be well worth hearing from all these candidates at the March candidate’s forum.  

In Walworth County.  In Walworth County’s District 5, the primary vote (Staples 169, Redenius 126, Boss 112) pits challenger Charlene Fell Staples against incumbent Carl Redenius in April for a supervisor’s position.  

In Wisconsin.  These spring primary races were so local, with such sparse voting in some parts of the state, that they offer little indication of how statewide primaries or the November election will go.

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