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The Disappearing A.D.A.

Larry Meyer, the retired Whitewater police investigator at the center of the controversial Star Packaging raid, was involved, also, in an investigation of a local businessman who’s now suing Meyer for harassment. Both of the businesses had significant numbers of Mexican workers.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line:

From The Week, January 24, 2007:
“A retired Whitewater police investigator destroyed evidence seized when executing a search warrant at a city business in 2005 and did not follow the advice of a Walworth County assistant district attorney, according to court documents. Larry Meyer admitted taking items from Stephen D. Cvicker’s business that were outside the scope of a search warrant and then destroyed them, according to a declaration by Assistant District Attorney Dennis Krueger….Krueger said he told Meyer to file an amended list with the clerk of courts to document everything taken and told him to return to Cvicker the seized items that were not evidence of crimes, according to Krueger’s declaration. Later that day, Krueger and Meyer talked again. “To my surprise and disbelief, (Meyer) advised me that I did not need to worry about this anymore because he destroyed the items taken that were outside the scope of the warrant,” Krueger wrote. The assistant district attorney was never allowed to examine what the items were.”

From the Janesville Gazette, June 7, 2007:
“Assistant Walworth County District Attorney Dennis Krueger submitted his resignation May 31. His last day is June 22….In March, Krueger went on “personal leave,” but his voicemail carried a message saying his extension was no longer in use. Neither he, nor his boss, District Attorney Phil Koss, will comment on the reason for the absence.
About two months before Krueger’s leave, he had filed an affidavit in a federal civil case supporting a man’s harassment case against retired Whitewater investigator Larry Meyer. Koss said the absence had nothing to do with Krueger’s involvement in the case.”

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