The First & Last Questions

There’s a local debate candidate forum scheduled for this weekend between the Democrat and Republican running for the 43rd Assembly district (a portion of which includes Whitewater).

The Whitewater Area League of Women Voters is hosting this event, and writes to reassure prospective attendees that they may “ask questions of the candidates by writing them on cards, which are forwarded to the forum moderator after being checked for redundancy by a panel of League question checkers.” (One might have thought that a single person would be able to check questions for redundancy, in the way a single person can tell if she’s buying too many of the same item or standing in the same line twice, but perhaps if one member of the League panel dozes off, at least others yet awake will be able to carry on the work of redundancy-checking.)

Although there may be a hundred interesting questions, there is one critical political question:

Do you favor or do you oppose Trumpism?

During a fire, questions about sports, art, or literature – however curious on their own – work by diversion against firefighting and in favor of a worse conflagration.

The question of Trumpism properly begins and ends all political discussion. Any other questions by their nature avoid this topic, and through avoidance work an implicit acceptance.

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