The Mercantile: A Short Film About a Montana Bakery

What it’s like – at least in part – to run a small shop —

Filmmaker Brian Bolster visited the outskirts of Glacier National Park to profile the owners of Polebridge Mercantile, a general store that first opened in 1914. Flannery Coats and Stuart Reiswig purchased the place five years ago, while looking for a place to marry and settle down. “I thought, oh wow,” Reiswig says. “How wonderful would it be to live up here in the wild and run the store, to get away from it all.”

While the couple no longer own the Mercantile—they sold it last May—Bolster’s film captures the rhythms and pleasures of running a small business in such a beautiful place. The tight shots of baked goods don’t hurt, either. (The huckleberry bearclaws look delicious.)

Via The Atlantic.

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