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The Unexpected (But Welcome) Never-Trump Haven @ MSNBC

So we who are Never Trump, mostly conservatives but also some libertarians (as I am), find ourselves part of a much larger coalition united in opposition to Trump. By ourselves there are too few of us to overcome the most powerful person in all the world; as a small but committed part of a much larger movement, we are doing our best to bring about an end to Trumpism.

Perry Bacon, Jr., writing last night at Five Thirty Eight, observes accurately that MSNBC has been notably hospitable to those who are Never Trump:

I think the prominence of Never-Trump Republicans in the media (on MSNBC in particular) and their aversion to Sanders has been really helpful to Biden. These people reinforce the message that Biden is the electable candidate.

Bacon implies this is a reason for MSNBC’s general preference for Biden (they do have one), but many of that network’s anchors might have had that preference anyway.

What’s certain, however, is that of all the major cable channels, it has been MSNBC – considered the most liberal of the lot – that has been notably hospitable to those of us who are Never Trump.

In this time of continent-wide conflict, groups otherwise distant from each other have drawn closer, compelled by a common threat but also impelled by a growing respect for each other, particular (and significant) ideological differences notwithstanding.

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