The Upcoming Spring Election in Whitewater

One, but only one, of Whitewater’s Common Council races is contested. Some readers have asked me, variously, if I would comment on the candidates in the contested race, and where one might find the candidate statements submitted to the local League of Women Voters chapter.

I’ll leave residents to consider the candidates (including the contested race between incumbent Patrick Wellnitz and challenger Carol McCormick in District 1) without comment.

For those who would like to see the statements that some candidates have submitted, they may be found at

It’s fair to say that I have conflicting views on the League of Women Voters: the national organization has done much good work, but the local chapter betrays some shopworn biases (probably without grasping that they’re biases at all).  The local chapter also has a skewed-old problem that leads to, and exacerbates, their declining influence. For a discussion of the local chapter’s unfounded assumptions, see On the Whitewater League of Women Voters Questionnaire (Spring 2017).

The best approach for any candidate will always be to prepare his or her own statement, apart from any organization, and have it at the ready for distribution to residents.

2 thoughts on “The Upcoming Spring Election in Whitewater

  1. Thank You for providing the link to the candidates running for District 1.
    There is a DISTINCT difference between the candidates: one is progressive; the other same old, same old, same Old School. The incumbent has done absolutely nothing for his District. The name “Whitewater” bespeaks this community’s jewels—our lakes: Cravath and Trippe. Let’s pour some time, money and effforts into reviving our waters. I fear that our money is going into that White Elephant of an Aquatic Center that we now own. Something needs to be done NOW, as we will end up with two marshes or quagmires, if not. Additionally, residents are TIRED of hearing of a supposed ongoing search for a Grocer willing to Open for Business in Whitewater. Nothing is happening. Let’s DO SOMETHING NOW. The Vote for District 1 on April 4 is important and critical, not only for Whitewater’s Historic Eastside, but also for the entire Community, as well.

  2. Yeah,it’s not been a watchful group that’s for sure.It’s like they can only do one thing at a time while everything else gets ignored.By the time they go to the next topic it’s a crazy fire drill.
    Your website has also staked out a definite position on Trump that has not gone unnoticed.In November I thought that you were risking your influence but now I understand that your outfront view really helps you.A lot of these town guys have their fingers in the wind trying to see where things are going.They are scared to their bones to offend anyone.What a joke.It really is better to know where a person stands.Thanks.

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